Top 10 Benefits Of Owning An Electric Slide Gate Opener

As technology has rapidly advanced throughout the past few decades, convenience has become increasingly prevalent in today's society. Most people can enter stores and other businesses without touching doors, pay for their goods with a plastic card that automatically manages their money, and pass through a gate at their residence without getting out of the car. At the same time, they carry a supercomputer in their pocket. It sounds crazy when you put it in such simplistic terms, but this is how our species' innovation has improved our general quality of life: making menial and time-consuming tasks much easier and faster to complete. Such is the intention behind an automatic gate opener. If you were to drive up to a gate that led into a parking space you want to use, would you instead park your car, get out, physically pull or push open the likely heavy gate, then go back to your car and drive through? Or would you prefer it to open on its own with the press of a button? Of course, the overwhelming majority of people would choose the second option, hence the existence of automatic gate openers.

Of the many automatic gate openers you can choose, electric sliding gates are typically the most popular. This is because sliding gates preserve the appeal of the gate on both sides, and it does not take up any extra space to open and close. Not only is it convenient, but it is also a compact and stylish option. Each sliding gate opener we have available meets all safety standards and regulations. The variety of options we offer includes residential and commercial operator types, meaning that you can install an electric slide gate opener practically anywhere. But why should you choose a sliding gate opener? What are the benefits of making this choice against other options available to you? That is what we're here to discuss. Following is a list of 10 benefits of owning an electric slide gate opener.

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1. Convenient and Easy to Use

Of course, we cannot ignore the obvious: as previously stated, convenience is very appealing in modern society. It is a much simpler and more pleasant experience to press a button, type in a code at a callbox, or trigger a sensor underneath your car and cause your gate to open for you. Gone is the hassle of manually operating your gate. Not only is that method tiresome and annoying, but it is also inaccessible to individuals with mobility challenges, such as the elderly or people with physical disabilities. Gates can also get incredibly heavy–for instance, a steel gate typically weighs about 25 lbs. per linear foot! It might be in your best interest to save your strength and opt for machinery that can take care of it for you.

2. Secure

Because the manual operation of a gate could be better, one may feel tempted to leave the gate ajar at all times despite this compromising the security that your gate can provide. Meanwhile, the strength and durability provided by the equipment necessary to make an automatic sliding gate ensure that once it is closed, it shuts tight and stays in place more sturdily than it would without the support of the electric opener. It could even go so far as to protect against possible break-ins, as crowbars and jacks are no match against the durable steel used to operate the gate. Some openers take the security of their product a step further by including security cameras, remote control access via smartphone, anti-tailgate features, and even automatic opening features to ensure that a power outage won't lock you out of your property.

3. Compact

Because a sliding gate moves from side to side parallel to the surrounding fence, it doesn't take up much more space than the fence itself already does. A large arc of space must be sacrificed for swing gates to allow it to work safely without obstructions. Not to mention, the path that a swing gate moves along can be a dangerous zone to be in, especially when the sliding gate is in motion. But the entrapment zone of a swing gate is much larger than that of a sliding gate. If you live on a narrow street or have little space on your property, then a sliding gate could be your best option.

4. Safety

The components of automatic openers are constructed from industrial materials specifically designed to constantly support the weight of your gate and operate smoothly and without issue. This means that the way it moves is absolute, and anything less stable than concrete would be considered a light obstruction of the path it merely needs to plow through to complete its job.

Unfortunately, this includes people and pets, and children and animals are much more likely to get hurt should they enter the entrapment zone of the gate operator. An entrapment zone, in this case, is any space the hardware of the automatic opener enters as it operates. However, whereas a swing gate has a large entrapment zone, a sliding gate's entrapment zone is directly along the fence and gate since that is its path of movement. As long as you are not up against the fence or gate, you, your children, and your animals will all stay perfectly safe.

5. Appealing

Because electric sliding gates come in various materials, sizes, and designs, it is easy to make them blend in with the style of your gate. Even if you don't necessarily want it to be invisible against the gate's material, there are other aesthetic options that you could utilize to complement it instead. The sliding movement of the gate, especially when viewed from the front, appears elegant and effortless. It adds a personal touch to the look of your property and removes the risk of others witnessing you struggling to manually open and close it whenever you want to pass through.

6. Increases Property Value

Everyone knows that the fancier a property appears, the more value it has. This is valuable information if you have ever considered or may eventually consider selling your property, as it determines its marketability and resale value. It is no secret that automatic gate openers can get very expensive, and the mere presence of one proudly shows that you have put effort into improving the look of your property. Because it is a luxury not everyone can afford, you will commonly find automatic sliding gates in fancy neighborhoods attached to properties owned by financially stable families. This inevitably causes one to associate automatic gate openers with professionalism and class, which is the impression your gate would give off.

7. Durable and Requires Little Maintenance

Sliding gate openers are built to last longer and require little maintenance, meaning that once installed, the hard part is over! However, describing the installation process as complex would need to be more accurate. This is because each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions that could save you the additional cost of hiring professionals to do it for you! The quality components that make up each kit are made of sturdy materials crafted to support the weight of any gate and brave harsher weather conditions to make your life a little bit easier. All you have to do in return is make sure its moving parts are well-greased and all nuts and bolts are tightly secured. Should your electric sliding gate ever malfunction or break, each kit will have a warranty available for anywhere from 1 year to 5 (depending, of course, on the manufacturer and any features added to the initial equipment).

8. Adaptable

Every electric slide gate opener can fit a wide range of various gates and fences. Whether light or heavy, small or large–there is a way to equip your entrance with an automatic opener. The gate itself doesn't necessarily need to be brand new, just so long as it is in working order and generally in good shape. Electric opener units come in various designs and forms, and many operate under different levels of horsepower and weight capacity. It can accommodate weight, length, and aesthetic to fit in as seamlessly as possible, so there is no need to worry about entirely replacing your gate if you already have one that works!

9. Relatively Affordable

A luxury such as this doesn't come cheap. Basic kits include everything you need to get your electric gate opener in working order. For this, you can invest in additional features such as callboxes mounted on gooseneck pedestals or photo eyes that detect the presence of a car. But if you stick to the essentials and know what you want before you purchase, an electric slide gate opener can be much more affordable than you think! Below are the top 10 sellers in automatic slide gate openers featured on our site to give you an idea of what you might be looking at price-wise. Feel free to browse our listings at your discretion, as well!

10. Reduces Insurance Premiums

For our final point, let's discuss insurance companies. Of course, their goal is to keep you as safe as you can be at all times. So long as you're safe and sound, they don't have to pay a dime. Because of this, fences are considered a worthwhile investment in your and your family's (and property's) safety. After all, they reduce the likelihood of theft and keep unwanted parties at bay. As we discussed earlier, an automatic opener system added to your gate strengthens that barrier even more, as it defends well against those who may attempt to force it open and breakthrough. This extra level of security may lead to reduced insurance premiums and discounts due to saving them money by being safer.

There is no denying the appeal of an automatic sliding gate opener. It provides convenience, aesthetic detail, and heightened security to your property at an affordable price. If this top ten list of benefits of owning an electric slide gate opener has convinced you to invest, we at offer a wide variety of options, and we encourage you to take your time and choose which best fits your needs. If you have any questions or want to learn more, we have plenty of information available to you, as well. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about how to best prepare for your search. Visit the Resources Hub for more articles like this, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact our support team at (888)-378-1053 or send an email to .