Linear General Limited Warranty and Repair Policy

Linear LLC warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship. For the term of the warranty, see the list of products
below. Each product’s specifi c warranty duration is indicated in the Limited Warranty section of the product’s instructions. The warranty
expiration date is refl ected by a date code that is affi xed to all of Linear’s products. This warranty extends only to wholesale customers
who buy direct from Linear or through Linear’s normal distribution channels. Linear LLC does not warrant some products to consumers.
Consumers should inquire from their selling dealer as to the nature of the dealer’s warranty, if any.

Note: All Linear products are designed to be installed and serviced by trained professional installation companies.

There are no obligations or liabilities on the part of Linear LLC for consequential damages arising out of or in connection with use
or performance of the product or other indirect damages with respect to loss of property, revenue, or profi t, or cost of removal,
installation or reinstallation.
All implied warranties, including implied warranties for merchantability and implied warranties for fi tness, are valid only until warranty expiration
date as labeled on the product. This Linear LLC Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied. Some states and countries
do not allow limitations or how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation or incidental or consequential damages, so the
above exclusions may not apply. The Linear LLC warranty gives specifi c legal rights in addition to other rights, which may exist and vary from
state to state and country to country.

The following warranty periods apply to Linear branded products:

1. Linear Security, PERS, Access Control (except as noted); and Security Radio Products (except as noted) — One (1) year
a. Linear DXS-62, DXS-62A, DXS-64 transmitters — Two (2) years
b. Linear Access Control AE100, AE-500, AE1000, AE1000PLUS, AE2000, AE2000PLUS, AM3 and AM3PLUS — Two (2) years
2. Linear Cameras — One (1) year
3. Linear Audio Amplifi ers, Data, and High Defi nition Video products — Two (2) years. There is no warranty offered on the batteries supplied with the IR remote control.
4. Linear “Active” Video Amplifi ers, Modulators, and IR Receivers — Two (2) years
5. Linear “Passive” Video products (fi lters, splitters, cables, cabinets) — Fifteen (15) years
6. Linear Intercom Masters, Room Stations, and all Speakers except the WG Series — Two (2) years
7. Linear WG Series Speakers — Ten (10) years
8. Linear Central Vacuum power units and accessories
a. Red Series power units — Five (5) years
b. Platinum Series power units — Ten (10) years
c. Accessories (power heads, hoses, attachments, etc.) — Two (2) years
9. Linear Garage Door Operators
a. LDO33 — Ten (10) years on the motor, Five (5) years for mechanical, One (1) year on the electronics, Lifetime on the belt and rail
b. LDO50 and LSO50— Lifetime on the motor, Five (5) years for mechanical,
One (1) year on the electronics, Lifetime on the belt and rail
c. MVP — Twenty (20) years on the drive train, Two (2) years on electronics
d. Challenger — Ten (10) years on the drive train, Two (2) years on electronics
e. MVP SB — Lifetime on the drive train, Two (2) years on electronics
10. Gate Operators
a. Models SLR, SLD, SLC, HSLG, GLSG-A, VS-GSLG, SWR, SWD, SWC, VS-GSWG, BGU, BGU-D, BGUS, and SG — Five (5) years after date of purchase to original customer.
b. Models LP, GS, and RS — Mechanical (5) years for single family home use and Three (3) years for multiple family and
commercial use, Electronics (3) years for single family home use and (2) years for multiple family and commercial use
c. Model LRA — Two (2) years after date of purchase to original customer.
11. Commercial Door Operators, all models — Two (2) years
12. Remote Control Radios, all models — One (1) year
13. IEI products
a. PowerKey, all models — One (1) year
b. eMerge Series, all models — One (1) year
c. Door Gard & Secured Series, all models — Two (2) years
d. LS Series, all models — Two (2) years
e. Glass Break, all models — Two (2) years
f. “e” Series Keypads, all models — Five (5) years

*See Addendum 1 for special Linear Intercom Masters, Room Stations, Speakers and Central Vacuum Product Line warranty terms. All other
conditions apply.

The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of products returned, freight prepaid, to Linear LLC. There is NO PROVISION FOR LABOR

1. Failures due to product abuse, negligence, improper installation, improper use, and electrical surge including damage from lightning, water damage or other damage due to natural disasters are not covered by the warranty.
2. The warranty shall also be voided by any tampering with the date code, labels or other markings on the product.
3. Products that are damaged in transit to Linear LLC due to improper packaging or by the carrier (shipping company) will not be covered under the warranty. If the product was damaged or lost by the carrier, it is the sender’s responsibility to create a claim against the carrier.
4. The user is responsible for all labor costs associated with removing, reinstalling and returning the product to Linear LLC.

Linear LLC, at its option, will repair or replace the defective product.
Replacements will be made from B-Stock. If an exact replacement is not available Linear LLC, at its option will select the nearest equivalent
product. The user is responsible for freight charges to Linear LLC.
Linear LLC will return warranted repaired or replacements by UPS Ground or an equivalent service. A customer may pay the additional costs
for second day or next-day service.

All products returned for warranty service require a Return Product Authorization Number (RPA#). Contact Linear Technical Services at
1-800-421-1587 for an RPA# and other important details.

The following text is added to the warranty for all radio control products (any product that contains a RF receiver or transmitter):

Linear radio controls provide a reliable communications link and fi ll an important need in portable wireless signaling. However, there are some
limitations which must be observed.

• For U.S. installations only: The radios are required to comply with FCC Rules and Regulations as Part 15 devices. As such, they have limited transmitter power and therefore limited range.
• A receiver cannot respond to more than one transmitted signal at a time and may be blocked by radio signals that occur on or near their operating frequencies, regardless of code settings.
• Changes or modifi cations to the device may void FCC compliance.
• Infrequently used radio links should be tested regularly to protect against undetected interference or fault.
• A general knowledge of radio and its vagaries should be gained prior to acting as a wholesale distributor or dealer, and these facts should be communicated to the ultimate users.


For Intercom Masters, Room Stations, Speakers and Central Vacuum Product Line, the following warranty considerations also apply.
The warranty period begins on the later of (a) the date of purchase of this product or (b) the date of closing on a new residence in which
this product was originally installed. If neither proof of purchase nor proof-of-closing are provided, the warranty is 2 ½ years from the date of
production. The warranty extends to the original home owner with the product and to each subsequent home owner during the term of the
warranty. Linear LLC will repair or replace, at its option, products at no charge. Products supplied under this warranty may be new or rebuilt
at the option of Linear LLC. Products returned to Linear LLC must contain all component parts.
If during the warranty period the product appears to have a defect, please contact our Technical Services Department (1-800-421-1587) prior
to dismantling. Dismantling the product prior to calling our service department may void the warranty.