Will Cold Weather Cause A Gate Opener To Malfunction?

Linear Gate Opener In Cold Fall Weather

If you live in a colder climate, you may wonder if a gate opener will malfunction due to freezing temperatures. While this usually does not occur, you may notice that your gate has difficulty moving and sometimes locks. But, while you may think it is a problem with a part inside your gate opener, the main culprit could be something else, including old oil.

Replacing Oil In Your Gate Opener

If you have a hydraulic gate opener, you must change the oil in your motor to continue having a functioning hydraulic actuator. If your motor uses oil, this oil can sometimes thicken and stop the rod from moving, making your pump and motor work with more force to move your gate. Old oil stops the fluid operation of your gate opener and can cause your gate opener to burn out. Ultimately, this oil problem could be costly if electrical components stop working. To stop this from happening, you must change the oil of your gate opener. If it is industrial gate opener used often, preferably more frequently than a residential model.

But before replacing your oil, check that the no oil has evaporated. If the oil level is stable, you will not need to top it off. Another important note is that each brand of gate openers does not use the same oil. You will need to choose the correct oil that correlates with your brand. If this is not the problem with your gate opener, it may be some other issue with the internal components.

Battery Issues With Your Gate Opener

Sometimes, the battery of your gate opener is the issue. The internal temperature may drop significantly since it is cold outside, and most batteries have metal wrapped around them. If your battery is not starting, try cleaning the cables or using Styrofoam insulation. If your gate opener cables have dirt or other buildup, disconnect the wires from the battery of your gate opener and clean the ends. You can also clean the battery terminal. If you notice a clicking noise coming from the gate, this indicates that the battery solenoid switch is attempting to close, but it cannot because the power is too weak. Another option to fix this issue is, if your battery is made of metal, you may add some Styrofoam insulation and place it on the bottom and side of the box. If you choose to do this, remember never to place it on the top of the battery.

Gate Opener Still Not Working In Cold Weather

If, after troubleshooting your gate opener, you are still unable to fix it, you should contact the manufacturer to figure out what could be a possible issue. Sometimes, replacement parts are needed, so your gate opener works just like new.

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