Why Does My VS-GSLG Keep Stopping In Different Positions?

Sometimes, as time passes, you may experience slight issues with your gate opener due to weather damage or general wear. If your VS-GSLG Linear gate opener is not functioning as it should, the most probable cause is that one of the parts is not working, possibly the limit assembly. When your gate opener does not stop at the same spot, it is due to the limit assembly because this part helps adjust the limit so that your actuator stops at the programmed point when it opens or closes.

Why Is My Limit Assembly Not Working On My VS-GSLG Single Phase Gate Opener?

Your limit assembly determines where your linear actuator will stop when the gate is opened and closed. On your limit assembly, there is a part where the axle comes out, and it includes a sprocket that will help it attach to the chain in your gate opener. The brass bushing on the limit assembly sometimes slips and rides up on the notch. When this occurs, the axle moves in and out, becoming a roulette of where the gate will stop when it opens or closes.

What Replacement Part Do I Need For The Limit Assembly?

The only part you need to replace your limit assembly on the VS-GSLG is the limit switch assembly for the VS-GSLG. This part is known as 620-101375. You can view the replacement for a reasonably priced limit assembly replacement with the button on the side. The VSLG is a long-lasting gate opener that will last many years, but you may need to replace a part every few years, depending on your usage and how heavy your gate is.

Fixing The Limit Assembly For Your VS-GSLG Gate Opener

As you can see, once you know what part to replace, it is easy to fix your gate opener and get it working like new. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact our helpful sales representatives. They are always ready to help.