Linear Gate Opener Electrical Power Requirements

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If you are looking for a linear gate opener, you may need clarification about the power requirements. After all, if you are new to purchasing a gate opener, you may need clarification with single-phase, three-phase, and all the voltages. But it's easy to make sense of these once you have the correct information.

What Is Voltage In A Gate Opener

Voltage refers to the pressure from the electrical circuit's power source. The pressure pushes charged electrons, referred to as current, in a conducting loop, allowing the electrical current to complete tasks such as providing illumination to lights or powering your gate opener. There are two types of current: AC and DC. AC describes the flow of change that periodically changes direction. DC refers to always providing constant voltage.

Usually, gate openers will be installed with AC power wiring, and the accessories will allow for DC control wiring.

What is the Difference Between Single Phase And Three-Phase

Usually, a single-phase is used for residential gate openers, while a three-phase is created for commercial operators. Three-phase gate openers allow greater power density than the contrary single-phase circuit. These commercial gate openers use smaller wires to deliver the same amperage as a single-phase circuit. Three-phase circuits allow for more savings on electricity and more efficient operation.

Types Of Gate Operators

115V Single-Phase Power

Most Linear gate openers are available in single-phase 115V 1 HP electrical power. These residential models may have more weight limitations than those created for high-traffic areas. These gate openers are available in ½, ¾, and 1 HP.

230V Single-Phase Power

Usually, when moving to a 230V gate opener, these single-phase openers can handle more weight and gate lengths. These gate operators are available in ½, ¾, 1, and 2 HP.

208V And 230V Three-Phase Power

The next step for 230V gate operators is 208V/230V three-phase gate openers. When moving from single-phase to three-phase, these operators are used more for industrial and commercial swing and slide gates. These operators can handle 700 to 4,000 pounds depending on whether it is a swing or slide gate. This is Linear's most popular model.

460V Three-Phase Power

If you're looking for a top gate operator that can handle almost anything, three-phase 460V gate openers are the ideal solution. These gate operators can handle some of the most extended gate lengths, from 25 to 100 feet. If you need the best of the best, this is your option.

Gate Operators And Voltage

While a gate opener can be created for a specific voltage, it will only be effective if this voltage is available at your site. If this option is not accessible to your gate opener, it does not make sense to purchase a gate opener with a higher voltage. However, once you verify the voltage that can be run to your operator, you can make an informed decision.

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