Advanced Linear Intercoms and Pedestals

Two-Station-Intercom Station

Regarding safety and security for your gate or door, you need a pedestal and intercom system that will offer a fast and secure way to enter an industrial or residential area. Linear gate openers have everything you need to install a durable intercom system with several options. One of the most popular ways to purchase an intercom is with a gooseneck stand. A gooseneck stand can be used with several access control devices and stands in place even in dramatic wind conditions. The stand included with Linear intercoms is curb mounted and can be used with bolts to anchor it.

What Intercom Options Are There For Indoor And Outdoor Uses?

The outdoor version of Linear's intercom is the 2520-007. This version should be used with the Linear Primary Indoor Intercom Station to provide full functionality. Curious about how this two-system intercom works; it's simple!

  • First, the person presses the white "call" button on the outdoor intercom.
  • Then, the person with the indoor intercom presses the "talk" button.
  • If the indoor person allows the new individual into the property, they press the correct button to "open".

It's as easy as that, and there are additional features you can utilize such as:

  • An included privacy button to offer discrete communication.
  • Individual volume controls are available on the primary indoor intercom.
  • If you purchase multiple primary stations, when the white button is pressed on the outside station, all indoor primary stations can answer the call.

  • Plus, if you purchase everything together, you will receive the gooseneck pedestal to keep your outdoor intercom station safe from ground snow and other elements that could increase corrosion.

    Using a pedestal with an intercom station is the most efficient way to secure your gate or entryway. If you are looking for a heavy-duty solution, Linear gate openers offer intercoms that are all-in-one systems with advanced features:

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