How To Maintain Your Linear Gate Opener

Linear Gate Operator

Your investment in a Linear Gate Opener should not be short-lived. Maintaining your Linear automatic gate opener will allow it to continue benefitting you and your family. To keep the gate working properly for as long as possible, it is important to provide regular upkeep. While your Linear gate opener was designed for functionality and safety, climate and other external factors will cause you to have to check up a few times a year.

Inspect and Clean

It is important to check inside and outside the operator for any dirt build-up, overgrown plants, or deterioration on the opener. It is easy for these things to be overlooked, but they may cause your operator not to perform as well as it should. Dents and rust may also affect your opener, so you may need to replace parts should they experience rusting or damage.

We recommend inspecting your operator every few months and using a light mist of water and a microfiber towel to clean the operator. Remember to be careful and shut off the system just to be safe.


All moving machines require lubrication to operate smoothly. When opener parts run dry, they create friction, which will damage the hinges, chains, arms, and other elements of the opener. To prevent additional damage, it is important to use the proper solutions.

We suggest using white lithium grease to lubricate hinges and other moving parts twice a year.

Pest Control

In line with cleaning the opener, it is again important to open the opener housing to check for pests. The enclosure is surely a small, warm spot for small animals and insects to live. Pest may bring dirt and other matter into the unit or chew up the opener parts.

Checking for pests should be done as regularly or more regularly than inspecting and cleaning. Removing plants from the area and checking during colder months is also recommended.

While Linear Gate Openers are capable of providing you with the best automatic gate experience, maintenance will be required every few months. For more thorough instructions, please reference your unit’s manual or feel free to contact your sales team. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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