How Long Does A Gate Opener Last?

Linear Gate Opener For Swing Gate

Usually, automatic gate openers have a long lifespan and can last about ten years or more. Depending on the maintenance and weather damage a gate opener has to confront, this number could be less or more. And even when your gate opener has a problem, you can usually replace parts like the control board or motor. If you purchase a quality gate opener, such as Linear, also known as Osco, gate openers, you will be fine without replacing it for many years.

Motors In Automatic Gate Openers

Residential-style motors can work for about 100,000 open and close motions on your gate. Of course, this will vary based on whether you use your gate a couple of times or reach its maximum load limit daily. You can expect industrial or commercial gate openers to be used more often than residential gates. The long-lasting ability of the motor will also depend on the voltage. A single-phase 240V motor will not be as durable as a 400V three-phase motor or a DC 12V or 24V motor. These three-phase and DC motors can handle more continuous use without overheating compared to a single-phase 240V motor. If you use your gate opener for heavy-duty traffic, a slightly more expensive motor could help your operator run without issues.

Giving Regular Maintenance To Your Gate Opener

Another critical aspect of a gate opener lasting many years is maintenance. If you have a DC motor, you must commit to replacing the brushes about every 100,000 cycles. On the other hand, three-phase or single-phase AC motors do not have brushes, so they will not need this maintenance. Instead, they may require lubrication and replacement of the gears or bearings. Also, occasionally, you must watch for oil leaks with AC motors if a seal is destroyed. No matter what gate opener you have, they will require some maintenance, so check your user manual for the proper instructions to complete it.

When Is It Time To Replace A Gate Opener?

One of the first signs it may be time to purchase a new gate opener is if the swing or slide gate opener no longer has replacement parts available online. Once something does not work and you cannot replace it, there is nothing else to do except purchase a newer model. However, for more minor issues, such as the motor malfunctioning or a part being damaged from rain or snow, a replacement part should be available to save you some extra cash.

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