How Do I Install the Heater Kit on the Linear SLR-221 Opener?

Heater Kit Assembly

If you experience lots of cold weather and the temperature usually drops below zero, you may need a heater to accompany your gate opener. The SLR-221 is a durable gate opener, but it may struggle to function as it should if temperatures are constantly in the negatives. A gate opener heater will allow batteries to stay warm in cold climates and enhance the operation of your gate opener. The SLR-221 has a cold weather kit that can be included when you purchase this gate opener.

Heater Options For The SLR-221 Single Phase Gate Opener

There are two options for the Linear Heater Kit Assembly for the SLR-221. There is a 230V and 115V option. Remember to order the one with the voltage corresponding to your gate opener. The heater kit assembly that is 230V used to be known as the 2650-112, but it is now known as the 620-100990. The other option, The linear heater kit assembly with 115V, used to be known as the 2650-111 and is now the 620-100992. Both these heater kits can be used with your SLR-221.

However, remember that a professional can only install some of these options in the factory. Therefore, if you already know when purchasing that your gate opener will be used in a cold climate, calling and asking about a heater kit is a good option.

Heater Kits For Linear SLR-221 Single

If you are still determining what heater kit goes with your gate opener, please call us; we are always happy to steer you in the right direction. Remember that your heater kit will need to match the voltage of your gate opener for it to function properly.