eMerge Systems For Linear Gate Openers

If you have not heard about linear eMerge Systems, these are created to help facilitate security and access control in spaces. This self-contained hardware and software access system is ideal for commercial, industrial, banking, medical, retail, hospitality, and many more businesses. You can use the eMerge system to secure facilities, control access of personnel, analyze and create reports, and, best of all, monitor the system using a web browser. It is an all-in-one system for access control.

eMerge Elite

The eMerge Elite 2-Door Expansion Node has a compact cabinet with two reader ports, four inputs, and four outputs. It is placed in a standard cabinet enclosure with an integrated tamper switch.

Key Features:

  • IT-Friendly Embedded Linux Operating System
  • Browser-Based Enabled Management System
  • It Is Easy To Scale With Software Upgrade To Higher-Capacity
  • This is a UL 294 Certified System When Used With Midsized Metal Enclosure With Key Lock
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Emerge Elite System Linear Gate Openers

If you are looking for accessories for your eMerge system, it can be used with the elevator expansion node standard cabinet or the eMerge E3-Series POE Module.

Linear’s Emerge Access Control

Not only does Linear’s eMerge system have higher-level capabilities, but it also makes expansion easy. It can also be connected to other eMerge E3-Series systems offering new door and reader capacities.

Difference Between e3 Essential And e3 Elite Systems

The main difference between these two systems is the enclosure. The e3 Elite System has a UL 294 certified metal housing enclosure, while the e3 Essential system is housed in a compact plastic enclosure. The e3 Essential system is primarily an entry-level system offering expansion options to 4-doors and 8-readers. Along with this, you will not need added software for expansion capabilities.

On the other hand, the e3 Elite system is created with 36 door licenses and can be expandable up to 128 doors. Along with this, a 10 Amp integrated power supply works with locks and systems. If you are looking for all the bells and whistles for your system, you should choose the e3 Elite over the Essential system.

Is There An App That Can Control My eMerge System?

The remote management console is created to control your system anywhere you go. Plus, since you are granted web-based access, controlling your access control system is simple without installing tedious apps. On top of that, the easy-to-use dashboard and toolbar offer extended customer support speed. This is an optional feature that may work with your version of the eMerge system.

Ready To Make Access Control Easy?

If you are ready to make access control easy for your large commercial space, you need eMerge access systems. To find out more about the Elite and Essential systems, search the large selection below:

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