Can Electric Gates Be Forced Open?

Linear Actuator For Heavy Gates

While automatic gates are a robbery deterrent, you may worry about whether these gates can be opened or closed manually. As you may know, gate openers usually allow manual operation in an emergency. However, this process usually requires some knowledge of the gate opener and access to the inside controller of the operator cabinet. That is why, in most cases, the opener should be inside your property so it cannot be tampered with. Even if it is not inside the gate, most openers and control boxes can be locked with a key, making it harder to tamper with the system.

How Likely Is It For An Intruder To Tamper With A Gate Opener

As you may know, most robbers seek the quietest and fastest way to access your home or manufacturing building. Since gates are heavy and tedious, messing with a gate will not keep intruders from being seen or heard. On top of that, on some gate openers, an alarm can be set in auxiliary relay mode and sound when the gate is manually forced open. Since gates are so durable and weigh a lot, intruders may need a vehicle to pry them open at the furthest point from the hinge. This is a challenging process and will likely catch the eye of other people living near your gate, or if you have installed cameras, they will alert you to this dilemma.

What Precautions Can You Take To Stop Intruders From Opening Gates

If you have placed cameras on your gate and keep it closed at night, the next best thing is installing a lock. Magnetic slide gate locks have extreme tensile strength and can resist damage from snow or rain. If there is a small gap between where your gate closes, a magnetic lock can help seal that gap and not let screwdrivers or other instruments tamper with your gate. Magnetic locks are known for being vandal-resistant and are some of the toughest to open.

Keeping Your Gate Opener Safe From Intruders

Of course, while gate openers are a great deterrent from being robbed, there is always a chance an individual may take a risk and attempt to open your gate. When this occurs, make sure to be prepared by having a secure lock, placing cameras around your gate opener, creating a relay with an alarm if the gate has been tampered with, and always ensuring your hinges are in working shape. If the unfortunate happens and intruders try to access your property, they are likelier to leave when it seems too difficult to stage a robbery.

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