Are Automatic Gates Worth It?

Sliding Automatic Gate

In the long term, automatic gates are worth the cost to purchase and install. Though the up-front cost of all the required parts may be discouraging, installing an automated gate system has several benefits. An automatic gate will increase security and property worth, whether a swing or sliding gate.

Elevated Security

The obvious benefit of any fence or gate system is elevated security and privacy. However, unlike manual gates that are easier to force open, automatic gates are difficult to manipulate as they require an access code or transmitter. Automatic gates are also intimidating, discouraging solicitors and others.

Curb Appeal & Property Worth

The value of an automatic gate goes into the mechanics, quality, and visual appeal. Adding an automatic fence will improve the appearance of any real estate and, in turn, will add to the value of your property. Property buyers and managers will appreciate the automatic gate system, adding value to your property much more than the initial cost.

Lower Insurance Premium

A little-known benefit of an automatic gate system is its effect on your insurance premium. Insurance companies will see the installation of an automated gate system as a proactive step in property protection and will reward you by lowering your premium.


Automatic gates will save you from manually opening your gate every time you pull in or out of your driveway. Access control panels and transmitters make opening the gate convenient for you and your guests. Another benefit is the minimal maintenance required to keep your automatic gate operating.

We hope that the benefits of automatic gates allow you to see that automatic gates are worth the cost. offers a variety of units for an automatic gate system at the best value, including operators or “openers” and gate controls.

For more information on automatic gate systems and other ways to increase safety, functionality, and property appearance, feel free to get in touch with our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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