SWG Three Phase Controller Replacement Parts

Below is a replacement parts diagram for the three phase controller for the Linear SWG swing gate opener. Continue past the diagram for links to every available replacement part. We also have similar pages to help you find replacement parts for the SWG gate arm and the SWG operator itself.

Part Diagram Linear / Osco 620-101293 Apex II Module Assembly Linear Gate Opener Control Board Linear / Osco 3 Phase Motor Board for Automatic Gate Operators  - 2500-1980 Linear / Osco 2500-791 Transformer (230/24VAC, 40VA) Linear / Osco 2500-2084 Contactor (24 VAC, 4-Pole) Linear / Osco 2510-423 Knob Kit Linear 2300-1025 Apex Clear Cover w/ Knob

Please note some products may be discontinued or no longer available, however, we make the best effort to keep all product information up-to-date.

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