Linear 2520-053 Two-Station Intercom Kit

The Linear 2520-052 is a complete two-station intercom system that includes one master indoor station, one outdoor station, 12 v power supply, and a gooseneck stand.
Part Number: 2520-053
$1,698.48 each
$1,698.48 each


Linear 2520-053 Two-Station Intercom Kit

Complete two-station intercom system, one master indoor station, one outdoor station, 12-volt power supply, one gooseneck, up to 1500', for gate operators.

Looking for a quality Entry System?

Linear’s Intercom System gives exceptional person-to-person communication between your entrance and your office or dwelling.

Controls are simple to use and let you unlock a gate or door with an electric release.

High quality microphones and speakers are separate to provide crystal clear sound.

The wall-mounted master station can be adapted for desktop use.

Linear’s complete system includes an indoor master intercom, outdoor call station with call button, gooseneck stand and 12V DC power supply.

Operating Instructions for Intercom System

Intercom system is designed for two-way communication between an indoor Aiphone master station and an outdoor call station. The typical sequence of operation is as follows:

  • Driver arrives at outside station and presses white "call" button. A tone sounds at inside station and announces an arrival.
  • Person indoors initiates communication by pressing "talk" button to speak. The driver at the outdoor station can answer hands free.
  • When the person indoors wants to allow the driver to enter through the gate or door, they simply press the auxiliary push button and the gate/door will open. Since the "open" signal is actually made at the outdoor station, there is no need for a long distance interface.
  • The master station is equipped with individual volume controls for voice communication and the incoming call tone.
  • The system can be expanded having up to three outside, inside or a combination of stations. Each master station can call up to three other stations individually. Each outdoor station calls all of the masters in the system together when the white call button is pressed. The small LED light on the master station will show from what station a call is being initiated.
  • The privacy button will eliminate a third station from eavesdropping or interrupting two communicating stations.
  • If it is desired to hold the gate/door open for an extended period, an optional toggle switch may be added to the master station. This switch is wired to open as is the auxiliary push button. To release the gate/door from being held open, move the toggle switch to the opposite position.
  • The system can be turned off by pressing the brown button on the master station.
Name Linear 2520-053 Two-Station Intercom Kit
SKU 2520-053
Input Voltage 12 DC
Manufacturer Nortek / Linear LLC / Linear PRO Access / OSCO GATE
Application Indoor/Outdoor
Condition New
Price $1,698.48