Linear 2510-335 Flashing Strobe Signal Light (Red)

The Linear 2510-335 is a flashing strobe signal light used to warn oncoming traffic of gate motion. This model is red in color.
Part Number: 2510-335

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Linear 2510-335 Flashing Strobe Signal Light (Red)

Linear strobes are equipped with high-quality, durable strobe lamps to minimize tungsten accumulation, extending the intervals between lamp maintenance. The design meticulously balances the lamp shade and lens to optimize light emission. Utilizing a dry-electrolyte capacitor, these strobes operate at cooler temperatures than many alternatives, enhancing reliability by preventing failure from overheating. The advanced strobe mechanism generates 2.2 joules of energy with a low amperage draw. Additionally, the strobe tube boasts a lifespan of 7,000 hours.

Key Features:

  • Color: Red
  • Lamp Life: 7,000 Hours
  • Voltage: 12-48VDC
  • Operatng Current: 0.44 - 0.10 Amps
  • Flash Rate: 65-95 Per Minute
  • Joule Output: 2.2
  • Candlepower Peak: 175,000
  • Candlepower ECP: 51.50"
  • Lamp Style: Strobe
  • Operating Temperature: -31 Deg. F to +150 Deg. F
  • Product Height: 5.7"
  • Product Diameter: 3.125"

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SKU 2510-335
UPC Code 9386314512
Manufacturer Nortek / Linear LLC / Linear PRO Access / OSCO GATE
Product Strobe Light
Condition New