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APeX II Control Board

Effective Jan 12, 2016, gate operators and barrier arms that use the APeX II control board are compliant with UL325, 6th edition.

Linear PRO Access gate operators and barrier arms use this common new advanced APeX II controller. The new APeX II control board contains all of the same great features as the original APeX control board, so you won't need to learn how to program and install a completely new system!

No proprietary entrapment devices are required. UL approved 10K resistance entrapment protection devices will work with the new APeX II controller.

Common questions regarding the APeX II

1. How do I recognize an APeX II controller equipped operator that needs monitored entrapment devices?

  • The packaging will display a sticker on the carton indicating "APeX II equipped for UL 2016"
  • The controller will be labeled APeX II
  • The operator serial number will end with the letter "M"


2. What inputs on the new APeX II controller are monitored?

  • Only the open and close obstruction inputs will require monitoring. All other input functionality remains the same.


3. Will it be possible to connect more than one set of photo beams in parallel into each set of input terminals monitoring for 10K resistance?

  • Yes. There are various ways to connect multiple devices. Please contact us for assistance.


4. Will there be any entrapment protection devices included with the new UL325 compliant gate operators?

  • No, we are not bundling our gate operators with any entrapment protection devices. Each gate system installation is unique and the decision is best left to the installation professional.


5. Will your current gate edge transmitters work as a part of an entrapment protection device?

  • No, but it can still be used for reversing.


6. Is the new APeX II controller backwards compatible?

  • Yes, but you will need to add monitored external entrapment devices.


7. Will the original APeX controller still be available?


8. Does the APeX II controller employ "heartbeat" technology?

  • No, the APeX II does not employ "heartbeat" technology.

APeX II Control Board